Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dying cloth

My newest adventure is learning to dye cloth for textile art. I found out that it's a bit like chemistry class, what with measuring as accurately as possible, and getting the timing down right.

I'm looking forward to having fabric that has more nuance to it than the manufactured kind.

My first run of just primary colours came out pretty well. I've added photos of the dying buckets and the end result... So I have red, and pastel red (pink); yellow and pastel yellow (it doesn't have any green tinge that shows on my screen), and blue and pastel blue (well, not really pastel, but lighter). and the one on the left is what resulted when I poured the three dye colours together. it started out a mulberry mud, which I didn't want to go darker, so I pulled it out early--and the red washed out, leaving the blue/yellow mix--which gave a light teal green. lovely actually.

Now I can't wait to try them out on a piece of textile art!


  1. Your dye work looks wonderful Katie! It certainly opens up another whole avenue for making quilts and landscapes. We're happy to have you in our on-line Landscape group! Did you have something in the post card exchange?
    Val Hearder

  2. It looks like fun, Katie! I want to try it too. Congrats on your show, too, by the way. Will you be going to Indianola again next year?

  3. Great colours ... it creates more interest and depth when you have unusual colours. And ... then there is stamping and all sorts of other layerings!