Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Amelia's Alphabet

For Christmas, I made a quilt for my grand-niece, Amelia Jane. The flannel was given to me by a friend, and it seemed to fit my not-yet-two-year old niece. Over Christmas I discovered that she is already starting to learn her letters! I had no idea they started so young.

It's about 38" x 58" and machine quilted with variagated cotton thread. The flower is stitched free-hand. The letters are outlined with the built-in stitches of my machine. This quilt was a golden opportunity to try them all out.

A Window to the Past

 In the old house in which I grew up, there was a leaded glass window. It was in the kitchen, facing a porch. I loved it except when I had to wash it.

The kitchen was remodeled years ago, and the window went to my cousin Juanita's house in a frame made by my father. When I saw it in her house, I wanted to make a quilt using it as inspiration.

This is the result. It hangs now in the same dining room as the window itself. I call it "A Window to the Past." It is applique, with bias "leading" and hand quilted.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My quilting life...

My quilting life began long ago... too bad I don't have photos of them. But now I am taking this domestic chore more seriously. I wonder where it will take me, and where I can take quilting.

I am having much fun exploring Colour Theory with Judy Villett, and discovering so very many resources, both online, in print, and from friends I already have!

It is all a bit daunting though. I hope to share a little of where I've been and what I'm learning.