Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cherry blossoms galore

The show opened last night, to a room filling crowd. It was great fun to see the myriad ways that others interpreted cherry blossoms, and to meet some of the artists. I only knew two others previously.

There are so very many techniques in art quilting--abstract (mine) to yarn... and I bet I've missed a few. Some of the pieces were tiny, only a few inches by a few inches in size. Others were quite large. Some were three dimensional--fairies! Some had much embellishment; others had very little. And, oh, those embellishments! Again, quite the variety. It's an education just to look, and figure out how they did it.

Thanks to all who came to see the show.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Cherry Blossoms Exhibit

April 17–29
“Cherry Blossoms: A Textile Translation”

Opening reception will be held Tuesday April 17th from 6-8pm , all are welcome!
in West Vancouver at the Silk Purse Gallery, 1570 Argyle Ave.

FibreEssence is a textiles art collective working with embroidery, quilting, sewing, weaving and surface design using traditional and innovative techniques and materials. This selection of work evokes the spirit of spring and rebirth, coinciding with the reappearance of the cherry blossom in our community.
Co-sponsored by FibreEssence and the Vancouver Guild of Fibre Arts.