Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Years ago, I took a course from the Anna Templeton Centre in St John's, Newfoundland, from Valerie Hearder. Make just a 5" x 7" landscape quilt. All hand sewn, and hand embellished. I just now realized it's not even sandwiched, or quilted. It is framed though, as I had one handy--it was framed the same day!
Made in 2000.

I didn't get back to landscapes for some time...

Then, a year later, between jobs, and living in my
cabin about an hour outside St. John's, I made a stole for myself. A vertical landscape quilt.

That's Cape Spear on the back, and Newfoundland trees and countryside on the front. I still use this one the most when preaching.

Now, I'm trying to picture landscapes again. This time I'm machine quilting, and trying more things. I wanted to portray winter in the Lower Mainland, and even had a photo for inspiration. Here it is.

How could I make the reflections real? How could I make a tree? It turns out that practice makes a great deal of difference. And so does standing back and looking critically. I had to keep adding bits to make it come alive. And here it is...

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