Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Exploring the world

My 6 month old kitten Tigger is starting to explore the outside world. I take it upon myself to accompany him on his almost daily outings. But boy, is it scary, for me more than him, I think.

Some history: an older cat of ours was killed on the street not quite a year ago. Blackie had no fear at all. His littermate Toes is so timid he's still around. Since he was lonely we now have Tigger.

Tigger is having a grand time exploring our yard, and the big trees, and the fence. He's learning that it's easier to climb up than down, and that often the way down is a big jump. Or a fall. I was much relieved when he only went up about 10 feet of the 60 foot pine tree. The cherry tree (in the neighbor's front yard!) seems much safer. That's the one he fell out of. Later he went way up, like 50' up! a cedar tree. See the photo.

Toes wants to show him all kinds of things--the way across the fence to the nasty neighbor's place; the way to the nice neighbor's cat door, the place to jump across the fence. Toes is not so patient though, and sometimes just disappears.

I can see that Tigger is more excited to explore and discover than he is frightened by loud noises and other things new. I just hope I can foster such an attitude in my quilting art....

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  1. pine trees are bad enough ... my kitten went up a neighbour's monkey tree and couldn't get down... I could hear him crying, after a search, I needed a ladder to get him down!