Thursday, November 2, 2017

Quilts for Quest I

Here is a summary of the pieces I have made on the theme of Quest... I seem to be looking for something...

A Day at the Race
The Yukon River Quest begins with a mass start. One has to duck between other canoes and kayaks without causing interference yourself. There is no time to notice much more than glimpses of other boats.
Detail from A Day at the Race

By the time you get to Lake LaBarge, the crowd of canoes has thinned out considerably. And hopefully there won't be wind and waves.
A Day at the Lake

Detail from A Day at the Lake

The Yukon River Quest is an ultra-marathon race. Not only is it a difficult race physically, it's also difficult psychologically. Teams often have a tough time staying friendly during the race. This piece illustrates the stresses that usually come with the race. Adapted from a photo on the cover of the Whitehorse Star in June 2015.

Fractured Team

Detail of Fractured Team

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