Saturday, May 25, 2013

On Creating

I'm in the "new quilt" phase. That is, I'm composing a new piece. No. there are no photos. Creation is too close to my bones for that.

The Creation Story I am most familiar with is the Genesis one, the first one. You know, "God created the earth, and it was good." No struggle. No effort. Perfect the first time. Step by step by step, knowing exactly how to proceed. No undoing something and trying again.

Well, my creating process is not so easy. I take a step, then get distracted. Facebook, housework, fixing supper. Anything but work on the the work. Then another couple of steps. and so forth. My design wall changes rather slowly most days. When I was writing, it was all too similar, so this struggle is not new to me. Just still painful.

Then I have to take it apart, and put it together again, differently. And the slogging continues.

What I really enjoy is when I get into a zone, and get much accomplished. It does happen occasionally. I still have to work at getting there.

Here's a photo of a piece I hated so much I cut it up, scrambled it, and put it back together with more added. I quite like "Kiji Abstracted" now.

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