Friday, December 14, 2012

Working in a Series

Over the past several months, I have completed two courses, both of them called "Working in a Series". They were taught by two different instructors. I want to thank both Elizabeth Barton and Lisa Call for their support as I plowed my way through the fields of colour (yes, pun intended).

I found that my biggest challenge was to maintain some consistency--making it a series--and yet maintain my own interest in the next piece.

Here are four pieces in my series Fields of Colour (yes, that is another play on words, alluding to the Colorfield School of abstract art).

What greater image for a field of colour than fields of tulips, seen from above. Full bloom shows sharp contrast among the fields, against a backdrop of roads and fields still coming into flower.

Fields of Colour #1

Fields of Colour #2
River Way
Fields of Colour #3


  1. Love 'River Way'
    Beautiful movement and balance.

  2. thanks, Vivian. I like to work with analogous colours.

  3. Gorgeous work. I found you as you left a comment on the CQA blog.

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